We are a residential cleaning company with an emphasis on environmental impact in the Greater Philadelphia area.

We provide a living wage to our cleaners in order to bring exemplary service to our clients. 

Our stress free scheduling and quality assurance systems keep us at the top of our game so our clients can have consistent and reliable service that shines.

Karma is a Sanskrit word which translates as  "action" or "effect".

We believe in a fair and safe work environment that inspires everyone it touches to stay mindful of the impact of each action.

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Karma Diva Eco-Friendly Cleaning is a local, woman-owned, caring employer that supports a living wage. We have over 10 Years experience in the business of quality, eco-friendly house cleaning. We believe in doing the right thing for people and for Mother Earth.


Environmentally Friendly Residential Cleaning Company that supports a living wage and wellness support for our cleaners in order to provide exceptional service for our conscious-minded clientele.


Our clients love us!  

We are top rated on Angie’s List, Yelp, and other review sites.

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For more testimonials Click Here!