An affordable green clean for the whole home.

Our normal Hours of Operation are M-F 9-5ish. Our rates during this time are $38/hr per cleaner + 6% Sales Tax with a minimum of $95 for any given cleaning. This is competitive with other cleaning services. We believe in paying our cleaners well so they can afford to support their families.

Please contact us to find out more about our pricing during Peak Hours or After Hours.

A first-time cleaning usually takes longer than subsequent maintenance cleanings. However, once we are able to establish how much time it will typically take to clean your home - usually within 2 to 3 visits - we can set your "normal" cleaning fee. After that we only charge the hourly rate for work beyond your normal cleaning.

Payment Options

  • Payment is due on or before the date of service. If payment is made after date of service a late payment fee of $2.00/day will apply.

  • Payment Options are available as follows:

    • Checks may be made payable to Karma Diva

    • Credit Card or Bank Transfers can be set up with a quick phone call. This can be for recurring payments or one-time.

    • PayPal -

    • Invoices available upon request.

  • Bulk Payments- If you are signed up as a recurring client you have the option of bulk payments wherein you can pay for multiple cleanings at once.

* If a check is returned by the bank there will be a $25.00 charge in addition to reimbursement of the full payment on the original check. Any fee charged by the bank for the return of such an item, typically $15.00, will be also be added.


To ensure the cost of providing our services is protected we are able to grant no higher than a 10% discount. Here are the different ways you can obtain this price:

Green Living Reward - 1% for each step you take toward reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Source Renewable Energy. Did you know taking just this step alone you could cut your carbon footprint IN HALF?!!!
    • Solar - Add solar panels to the roof of your home. This costs a little more than the above options, but many providers offer financing options which minimize upfront costs. Two examples are SolarCity and SunRun. If you live in a state with a Net Metering law, you could eliminate your electricity bill or even earn money by selling electricity back to the grid!
    • Wind Power - Don't want to cover the upfront cost of solar panels? Consider asking us how you can opt in for 100% Renewable Wind Energy through your electric bill AND get an additional discount on 1 cleaning.
  • Appliances. Make energy efficiency a primary consideration when choosing a new furnace, air conditioning unit, dishwasher, or refrigerator. Products bearing the ENERGY STAR label are recognized for having superior efficiency.

  • Lighting. Turn off lights you’re not using and when you leave the room. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED ones.
  • Thermostat. Don’t set it too high or low. Install a programmable model to turn off the heat/air conditioning when you’re not home. Invest in The Nest thermostat!
  • Alternatives to driving. When possible, walk or ride your bike in order to avoid carbon emissions completely. Carpooling and public transportation drastically reduce CO2 emissions by spreading them out over many riders. Or drive an electric car!

Customer Referral Network

  • Our clients refer us to their friends and family & they receive 5% off their next cleaning.
  • Newly referred clients receive 5% off their 3rd cleaning.

Pre-Pay for 10 Visits

  • Some folks only want to think about paying us a few times a year. We're okay with that, so much so, that we even offer a discount!
  • Pre-pay customers will receive a 5% discount on 10 pre-paid cleanings. We suggest waiting until your 4th cleaning with us to set up 10 Pay.
  • You'll automatically receive a new invoice a few weeks before your 10 cleanings are complete.


  • Veterans receive 5% off! We want to show our appreciation for those who have served for our country. Thank you.


  • Seniors enjoy 5% off as a thank you for paving the way for us!

Cancellation Policy

In the event that homeowner deems it is necessary to cancel a cleaning Homeowner will be responsible for written notification within 3 days of time of service to skip and 24 hours to reschedule. If appropriate notice is not given an inconvenience fee of $50.00 will be issued and due by or on the date of next cleaning. Exceptions may be made for emergency conditions such as an act of Nature.

  • We do our best to avoid them, but mix ups do happen sometimes. If our Karma Diva cleaning team is unable to enter your home at the scheduled and agreed time of service we will wait no more than 30min. You will be billed a $50.00 lockout fee.

  • In order to provide you with the best service possible it is imperative that we take good care of our cleaners. We've made ourselves available for your cleaning. If there is some reason that we are unable to get into your home once we get there, we will still need to pay our cleaners. We thank you in advance for your understanding.