At Karma Diva we only use products and ingredients that are environmentally safe and effective. We carefully chose products that are free of harsh chemicals, are biodegradable and toxin-free giving peace of mind for you, your family, your pets, and our cleaning technicians.

Green cleaning is also about a thorough clean that improves your indoor air quality to protect the health and safety of our clients while minimizing the environmental impact.

You have the option of either supplying these items yourself or we can supply them for  $10 per visit.

If scavenging for cleaning supplies isn't your thing Karma Diva can also supply you with your initial kit for $40.00 and will remind you when you are running low on an item.

If you are supplying your own materials: We will also need 2 small buckets and 2 large spray bottles to accommodate our team of 2. If you have empty bottles from previous purchases that will be fine. We will also need at least one reusable grocery bag, and any type of scrubbers you would like us to use. We'd rather not cross contaminate scrubbers and sponges from other homes.

The Natural Products and Ingredients we use:

• White Distilled Vinegar - Grocery Store

• Essential Oils such as Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosemary, or Eucalyptus - Co-ops or health food stores

• Bon Ami Scouring Powder - some grocery stores will carry this

• Dish Soap - We recommend Sun and Earth, Mrs. Meyers, Ecover, Method, etc. (comes in a variety of scents)

• Hydrogen Peroxide - Refillable spray bottle available at your local grocery or drugstore

• Pumice Stone - Can be found at grocery stores in the health and beauty section

• Citra Solv - Degreaser - Can be found at Co-ops and some grocery stores or online


“The Karma Divas are professional, friendly, always prompt, efficient and thorough. They will work in whatever capacity you specify: for me personally, I want cleaning, not straightening or a mint on my pillow, and that is specifically what they provide me. I am very happy and anticipate remaining their customer for a long time.”

— Annette B. 
Dec 8, 2016 

"I have had the team at Karma Diva helping me out for a few years now, and they have been excellent. I would highly recommend them - in particular they've done some cool things with electronic scheduling which are great since I don't have time to answer voicemail, they have multiple methods of billing - including billing in advance so you don't have to worry about it, not to mention that they just do a great job on the cleaning!"

— Jess M. 
Mar 23, 2016 

Coming back to a clean house is the best part of my month. Everything is deep cleaned such as the toaster oven and baseboards! Always friendly and on time. I can't see why you wouldn't use Karma Diva to help get your house back!

— Ashley S. 
Oct 27, 2016