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Our service area is vast. Contact us to see if we have availability.

Our service area is vast. Contact us to see if we have availability.

Pricing and other information can be found here:

Regional Team Leaders help bridge communication between our main office and our technicians and make adjustments where necessary.  We will assign a Regional Team Leader to come to your home for your first few cleanings to make sure the cleaners who are to be regularly scheduled in your home understand precisely what your needs are and how they should communicate about anything that may come up. They will occasionally come through to perform Inspections once things get settled in but will not be there for every cleaning once our cleaners are comfortable with the job.

Recurring Cleaning Communication: We will send you an email confirmation about a week ahead of time to verify that the date/time of your cleaning works for you as well as to let you know exactly who is scheduled to clean your home. This gives our clients an opportunity to let us know ahead of time of any changes or additions to their cleaning routine.

Q: I've never had a professional cleaning service in my home before. What information do I need to give to get the most reliable quote?

A: While it is virtually impossible to know exactly how long it will take us to clean your home before we see it there are some basic bits of information that can be quite helpful to get us started. 

When requesting a quote, please answer the following questions.

1. Has your home ever been professionally cleaned? If so, how long has it been?

2. Do you have any children or pets in the home?

3. How many rooms will need to be cleaned? Total square footage can be helpful but we really want to get a good picture for what your expectations are so we can be sure to deliver more effectively.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that homeowner deems it is necessary to cancel a cleaning Homeowner will be responsible for written notification within 3 days of time of service to skip and 24 hours to reschedule.

If appropriate notice is not given an inconvenience fee of $50.00 will be issued and due by or on the date of next cleaning. Exceptions may be made for emergency conditions such as an act of God.

  • We do our best to avoid them, but mix ups do happen sometimes. If our Karma Diva cleaning team is unable to enter your home at the scheduled and agreed time of service they will wait no more than 30 minutes. You will be billed a $50.00 lockout fee. 

In order to provide you with the best service possible it is imperative that we take good care of our cleaners. We've made ourselves available for your cleaning. If there is some reason that we are unable to get into your home once we get there, we will still need to pay our cleaners. We thank you in advance for your understanding.