I have had the team at Karma Diva helping me out for a few years now, and they have been excellent. I would highly recommend them - in particular they’ve done some cool things with electronic scheduling which is great because I don’t have time to answer voicemail. They have multiple methods of billing - including billing in advance so you don’t have to worry about it, not to mention that they just do a great job on the cleaning!
— Jess M Recommended on March 23, 2016

Clean Home, Clean Earth, Clean Conscience



Clean Home

You can count on us to deliver a space that is not only free of dust bunnies and dirty hand prints but also mildew, bacteria, and other ick using nothing but plant based, organic materials and our bare hands!*

You can bet our team works hard to pay special attention to things like: 

Baseboards, spindles, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, streak free glass surfaces, using the crevice tool on the stairs, insides of trash cans, carefully picking up items, and cleaning under and behind each on a surface when cleaning or dusting, bed making, cobwebs, paned doors, door frames, trim, light switch plates, window sills, blinds, fingerprints and just generally top to bottom making all surfaces shiny and bright all in a timely and efficient manner!

Clean Earth

We take our role in preservation of our ecosystem seriously. Health is our top priority. 

Clean Conscience

We believe in paying our cleaners a living wage. We're real people with real bills and we work real hard to be the best in our trade. When we thrive we are better prepared to deliver top service.

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Details! Details! Details!

* Our Sparkle Technicians do wear gloves when necessary. Otherwise, that would be gross.